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“Fashion is something we deal with everyday.

At Kara fashions we love what we do and are constantly striving for new and exciting ideas. Kara’s jewelry is extremely popular among women because they can see the rich colors and feel the smoothness of each piece. We’re hoping that our customers can see our quality due to precise attention to every piece in the designs. Be one of many happy shoppers who have chosen our brand to grace their personalities.

Kara Specials


We at Kara Fashions, endeavor to make your home space more beautiful with our exclusive range of handicrafts.

Handmade jewellery

Wearing handmade costume jewellery is an extremely popular Fashion now a day. The personal attention and love that makers and artisans infuse into their work is evident in the masterpieces that they create. Handmade jewellery is more of an investment than its mass produced counterparts.